6 step guide - Choosing the right Channels for Customer Service

The importance of channels and availability for customer services is now more relevant than ever. Building a strategy around the selection of channels is one of the first and most important steps when improving a successful contact center service.

The step-by-step guide presents new perspectives to find your most cost-effective and profitable channels, with customer satisfaction in focus. Is it time to let a dynamic FAQ take care of the simple questions you are managing by phone today? Which social media channels are most important to your customers? Choosing the right channels is valuable for both your workload and your customers.

Avoid simple, often costly mistakes and find the optimal solution for your contact center, while increasing customer satisfaction. Use the complete guide for a simpler process when creating your unique channel strategy

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Create efficient customer service

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Save money

Save money with the right channels

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Is the selection of channels CSAT-secured? 

The guide helps you define the appropriate channels for your contact center, such as:
  • What makes a channel profitable?
  • Which channels are important to the customers?
  • How to define if a channel is worth adding?

Download it and get new perspectives on how to increase availability and making appropriate channel choices when creating a profit service center. Find the right channel strategy for your particular company and customers, according to your conditions.