The most successful KPIs for customer service

How we measure and act on customer service performances determines our future results. When we create conditions to understand and act on our collected data, we can deliver even better customer experiences. Each contact center has unique goals, which is why the KPIs must differ. The guide will help you find the right KPIs, priorities and approach your unique goals.

The guide provides an understanding of how to affect these KPIs in practice. Some metrics are directly affected by the performance of customer service employees' and others are not. How we measure and act on these has a major impact on how we create engagement and future successful results. We have divided the KPIs into 4 different categories to simplify the decision on which metrics to prioritize, depending on the goals of your customer service. Providing a clear structure and explaining how to involve the whole organization in what purposes the KPIs meet.

Download the guide and find your way forward with the right KPIs.

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Guide - KPIs White paper

The KPI formula to customer service success

Create better conditions for customer service progress with the right KPIs. Once we understand what to measure and how to act on our metrics, we can take action. Download the guide to find the formula for your metrics and how they should be prioritized to create higher engagement among the employees and achieve your goals.

The guide contains:

  • The most important KPIs based on your customer services goals
  • Streamlining follow-up and reporting methods
  • Coaching tips for engaging and raising specific KPIs
  • How and why certain KPIs will affect your customer service